The most enchanting carousels in NYC

The weather is great, let's enjoy a ride on the merry-go-round with the whole family! Merci Bisous shares its 5 favorite carousels in New York.
A guaranteed moment of happiness!
1. Central Park Carousel
Mid-park (at 64th street).
One of the largest in USA with 57 hand-carved horses and 2 chariots. 
Hours : April-October : 10am - 6pm
Price : $3 per ride (cash only)
2. Seaglass Carousel
Battery Park (State Street and Whitehall Street).
Big luminescent fishes that swim inside a giant nautilus with aquatic sound effects to make you feel like a mermaid!
Hours : 10am - 10pm 
Price : $5 per ride
3. The Bug Carousel 
Bronx Zoo. 

You won’t find any horses on this carousel. Instead, you’ll find grasshoppers, praying mantises, bees, beetles, and lady bugs, among others. 
Hours : regular zoo hours 
Price : $5 per ride + zoo admission
4. Jane's Carousel 
Brooklyn Bridge Park (Dock and Water Streets). 

This beautiful carousel is probably offering the best view of our list. Built in 1922 and covered with a glass enclosure, it is the one you can choose in case of rain. 
Hours : 11am - 7pm in summer (closed on Tuesdays) 

Price : $2 per ride
5. Le Carrousel
Bryant Park. 
Of course, we love its French classical style and cabaret music! A go-to for toddler birthdays. 
Hours : March-May : 11am - 7pm, June-October : 11am - 8pm 
Price : $3 per ride 

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