Baby x Blanky : a real love story

Between 8 months and 6 years old, more than half of the children have one. What do loveys imply? How important are they? When is it time to leave them?
At the beginning of his life, baby has the impression that his mother and him are one person. It's only around 8 months that they find out the hard truth... At this point, a comforter reassures your little one and represents a link between his family and the outside world. It embodies a certain security and helps the child to build his own identity. Pediatrician and psychoanalyst Donald Winnicott calls it a "transitional object".
Exclusively for you, dear readers, me carrying my lovey ;)
As important as it might appear, comforters are not mandatory. Some kids are perfectly well without one. It can be easily replaced by thumb-sucking, or the presence of a brother/sister at the daycare, for example. Let's just be clear about something : kids in need of a blanky aren't necessarily more anxious than the others. No worries ;)
Now, how do little ones choose these fabric companions? You certainly noticed that the esthetic aspect is not a priority there... What children like is the smell and touch. Baby will naturally choose the object that comforts him the most.
Now, parents have two important missions : avoid loosing it and wash it as much as possible!
When is the good moment to get rid of blanky? There is no precise age or moment. When you feel that your child is read, speak with him quietly and offer him to try a night without his lovey. The most important is to avoid a brutal rupture.
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