Discover why French moms love Petit Bateau

Petit Bateau is such a famous brand all over the world, not only in France, and it's not surprising! 120 years ago, the company demonstrated its decidedly playful spirit right from the start with a cut-off pair of "long johns" which they coined the "petite culotte"! They also created the very first baby bodysuit with snap fasteners on the crotch.
Petit Bateau's products are now absolute classics and must-haves in kids' closets. French mothers swear by their basics, here is why.
Petit Bateau allows children to wiggle. Their models are crafted to be comfortable, making little ones free to move, run, dance and play!
Petit Bateau makes clothes easy to put on and remove. Actually, designers got inspired by the american soldiers who were taking off their t-shirts with their helmets still on. In the 50's they created baby bodysuits with the now famous "american" collar.
Petit Bateau is safe. All parents are concerned about their children's security, this is why the zippers, buttons, snap fasteners and cordons used on Petit Bateau's clothes are thought for children and completely secure.
Petit Bateau is solid. Stitches that avoid tears, buttons that kids can't pull, and extra long cotton fibers that withstand time, those garments are made to last! 
Petit Bateau is easy to maintain. No bad surprise, the clothes won't shrink during washes. Everything is machine washable and the colors don't fade.
These are the reasons why this brand achieves great success, and why French moms and their kids love it!
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