French moms : Magda Lahliti, founder of French For Little Ones

This week, Merci Bisous met Magda Lahliti : mom of James (3 years old) and founder of French For Little Ones, a French immersion program for children from 2 to 6 years old in Brooklyn. We loved her energy and passion for children so much that we wanted to share a little bit of her experience with you! She accepted to answer a few questions. 

What are the benefits of a French school program?
There are so many benefits in learning a language at a young age. Many studies show that it develops cognitive skills like problem solving, memory, creativity and critical thinking. Moreover, children starting to learn a language early have a better self confidence and often speak without an accent.
According to you, what are the main differences between the French education and the American one?
Both educational system have their characteristics, one of the main difference between the American and the French system is the trust we put in children to make the right choice. We give them guidelines for safety but then give them space to discover, create and learn at their own pace. We don't do things for them but show them how to do it so they can become independent faster and have a better self esteem.
Being a mom and an entrepreneur,  do you reconcile professional and family life?
I try to delegate as much as possible to keep my sanity intact and to be able to have family time. Also, from my son's clothing to my groceries I get it all through online stores it is much easier and less time consuming!
Do you have an advise for moms who are just starting out?
My advice for a starting mom is to get a few back ups to your nanny, daycare etc... In the beginning you have to be there every day, even if your child has a cold!
French For Little Ones 
33 Nassau avenue Brooklyn, NY 11222 
T : 347 263 6404

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