Maison Labiche, the experts in French embroidery

Merci Bisous is proud to introduce Maison Labiche! This cool Parisian brand revisits the classic t-shirts, sweatshirts and onesies with stylish embroideries. Inspired by boarders' uniforms in the 50's as well as American gas station attendant's suits, the designers decided to create timeless pieces embellished with a nice detail, most often tender words on the heart.

Quality is Maison Labiche's number one priority. Each product is conceived thoughtfully to bring comfort, elegance and sustainability, with 100% natural fabric. 

1. Embroidered t-shirt Tiger - $42
2. Striped baby onesie Amour - $49
3. Embroidered mariniere Giraffe - $54
4. Embroidered sweatshirt Beaded heart - $66
5. Embroidered sweatshirt Paradise - $66
6. Embroidered mariniere Enfant terrible - $54
7. Embroidered sweatshirt L'aventure - $66
8. Plain baby onesie Bonjour - $43

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