Interview with Mlle Sophie, founder of Breaking the Wool

Working with talented French designers is the purpose of Merci Bisous, and today, we want to tell you a little more about the founder of the brand Breaking the Wool.
Mlle Sophie is talented, stylish, chic and sparkling.
This mom of two (Josephine, 6 and James, 2 years old) revived knitting through elegant and trendy creations, that we are proud to offer.


Sophie, can you tell us the story around Breaking the Wool’s concept? 
I was living in San Francisco and knitting was my passion but every time I would mention it, people would have negative prejudices: in their mind, knitting was old-fashioned, boring... the exact opposite of glamour. Yet when they would see my creations, they would all want to buy one!  So I created Breaking the Wool to challenge those preconceived perceptions and champion a more modern side of knitting: fashion, chic and for every occasion.

What are your main sources of inspiration when you create new knit models?
Everything inspires me: my kids, people in the street, museum, magazines, life in general... 

Josephine is wearing Petite Lucette's Astrid dress - $48.30

It’s amazing how you developed different activities within your brand : products, tutorials, books, collaborations with other designers… Do you have other ideas of evolution? 
I have tons of projects right now, but I am trying to focus on finishing my third book and developing more collaborations with designers to create new "capsule collections". On a longer term basis, a knitting-centric concept store would be my wildest dream...

Being a mom and an entrepreneur, how do you accommodate those two full-time jobs?
The school schedule is totally different in the US than in France. I had no other choice than accommodating my schedule so I can see my kids! I want to spend a lot of time with them, so I start my day early, take a break in the afternoon to take care of them, and very often I go back to work in the evening once they're asleep :)

Is there a tip you want to share with mamas who wish to start a business? 
Believe in your project and don't hesitate to ask help from other experts in their field. You can't be good at everything ;)
You live in Williamsburg, a very trendy area of Brooklyn (NY), can you share your favorite addresses? 
I love going to "Les Caprices de Sophie" (on North 6th and Bedford street) to eat some delicious pastries... It makes me feel like I am back in Paris for a few minutes. In the evening, I also love going at Hotel Delano for a cocktail.
mini snoody breaking the wool    
Photo credits : Gabrièle Laborde, My Parisian Mood