What to pack for the maternity hospital?

Baby is almost ready to meet the world! It's time to pack THE bag. I remember that I was so excited to prepare Lino's birth, but I had no idea what to put in that suitcase. As a good millennial should, I googled "maternity hospital bag" and found thousands of results, including good advices, terrible recommendations and a lot of mixed opinions... I even read that it was a good idea to pack puzzles... NOPE! You don't want to work on a puzzle when you had a baby 12 hours ago. So, after hours of reading articles and browsing checklists, here is what I decided to bring and it wasn't that bad!
maternity hospital bag
First of all, most hospitals and birthing centers provide all the basics for baby : diapers, wipes, vaseline, pads, formula, swaddles and even clothes. Surprisingly, your little peanut won't need a lot of material at this moment, so you want to focus on your needs. The watchwords are : comfort, more comfort and still more comfort! 

maternity hospital bag checklist

It remains for me to wish you all the best in this magical moment! 

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