Toi Moi Nous, Fr

Lorea de Vos

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"Leon goes with his dad to the maternity to meet his little brother ... or his little sister! This is the surprise! From the reception where the moms with their big belly wait to see a doctor at the nursery, through the elevator for a last selfie to two with dad, Leon finally arrives in front of mom's room. At first a little intimidated, he quickly finds his mind in front of the little cradle: "But Mom, it is not a little brother! It's not a little sister! It's a baby!"

This board book in French was created by an architect and written by a preschool teacher. On the right page, many details to observe in the house, on the left page a simpler illustration where we see the little hero in situation.

7 x 7 in I 18 x 18 cm
20 pages
ISBN 979-10-92304-27-5

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