1, 2, 3... Ecole, Fr

Lorea de Vos

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"Leon would like to roll marbles with Lila and Achille. But ... where are his ten marbles? They were in his pocket this morning, they must have fallen during the day! But where? In the classroom, one, two, three. In the canteen? Two more, that's five. There is still the dormitory, the toilets, and the yard to search! And in the director's office, will Leon dare enter?

This board book in French was created by an architect and written by a preschool teacher. On the right page, many details to observe in the house, on the left page a simpler illustration where we see the little hero in situation.

7 x 7 in I 18 x 18 cm
20 pages
ISBN 979-10-92304-22-0

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