Reusable Bbbuble Wand Set

kiko+ & gg*

$ 30.00

The perfect eco-friendly option for Summer bubble fun! Ditch disposable plastic bubble bottles for this cute set of reusable wooden bubble wands in three fun shapes - ○★★
It includes a candy-shaped wooden dish to mix and make your own bubble potion. And why not store trinkets or candy in the dish when not in use? Make sure to rinse off and dry the wands after each use, to keep the set in best possible condition.

Made in Japan

From 18 months old, the child will start to be able to blow but even younger ones will like trying to grab the soap bubble with the help of an older child or an adult


  • Material: beechwood, metal
  • Contents: bubble wands: 3x | wooden dish: 1xM pieces
  • included DIY bubble potion recipe to make your own bubble liquid

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