Ages 2 · 3

We created this gifts guide to make your choice easier. The border between ages is not always very clear and every child grows at his own pace. At Merci Bisous, our goal is to select a handpicked selection of sustainable toys that will last well beyond babyhood and with cool design, to better satisfy both children and parents. 

This is the age of independence, they will love having time to play by themselves.
But always be there to supervise and guide them.
Our favorites for 2 years old are puzzles with a maximum of 12 pieces, games with sound or magnets and the first books.

Moulin Roty

Parisian Tea Set

$ 49.00


Octave Headphones

$ 35.00

Moulin Roty

Doctor Valise Set

$ 44.00

Lorea de Vos

Toi Moi Nous, Fr

$ 25.00

Maquette Kids

Twin Bed, Slate

$ 36.00

A. Remise · M. Cabanas

Mes Petits Jouets, Fr

$ 19.00

Crayon Rocks

8 Colors Crayons

$ 7.00

Mathilde Cabanas

Masking Tape Bisou

$ 6.00

Paulette & Sacha

The Fox and the Crow, En / Fr

$ 39.00

Bloomingville MINI

Soft Baked Bread Set

$ 63.00

Moulin Roty

Storybook Lamp, Garden

$ 20.00


Magnetic Maze, Hive

$ 18.00

Egmont Toys

Forest Tin Tea Set

$ 52.00

Meri Meri

Stacking Bunnies x5

$ 25.00