9 · 18 months

We created this gifts guide to make your choice easier. The border between ages is not always very clear and every child grows at his own pace. At Merci Bisous, our goal is to select a handpicked selection of sustainable toys that will last well beyond babyhood and with cool design, to better satisfy both children and parents. 

This is the age of movement, each toy will be able facilitate the babies learning and confidence in moving and handling objects. Our favorite items for 9 · 18 months are push and pull toys, first wooden toys and blocks. With the first steps at around 12 months, offer them a comfy pair of slippers to help them stand up with confidence.

Mathilde Cabanas

Bamboo Meal Set

$ 32.00

kiko+ & gg*

House Drawing Board

$ 70.00


4-Piece Animo Set

$ 38.00

Crayon Rocks

8 Colors Crayons

$ 7.00


Wooden Brown Bear Figurine

$ 20.00

Five Eleven

Pom Pom Headband

$ 18.00

Five Eleven

Pom Pom Hair Clips x2

$ 22.00

Friendly Toys

Push Toy Duck

$ 43.00

Bloomingville MINI

Soft Baked Bread Set

$ 63.00


Sunglasses, Chocolate

$ 40.00

Merci Bisous

Crate for Fruits & Vegetables

$ 4.00

Meri Meri

Stacking Bunnies x5

$ 25.00

Delphine Chedru

L'imagier, Fr

$ 20.00

Les Petites Natures

Bathing Short, Coastal

$ 48.00