18 · 24 months

We created this gifts guide to make your choice easier. The border between ages is not always very clear and every child grows at his own pace. At Merci Bisous, our goal is to select a handpicked selection of sustainable toys that will last well beyond babyhood and with cool design, to better satisfy both children and parents.

Between 18 and 24 months, the toddlers will be able to start many new activities and they will start to imitate the adults.

Our favorites for this age are the beads, the first musical toys and the first baby doll that will help them understand their own routines.


Wall Sticker, Glow in Dark

$ 18.00

kiko+ & gg*

Reusable Bbbuble Wand Set

$ 30.00


Carousel Metal Drum

$ 35.00

Jörg Mϋhle

Poor Little Rabbit, En

$ 10.00

Big Stuffed

Whale 12 in, Albino

$ 65.00

Dough Parlour

Playdough Pack of 3

$ 22.00


Doll - Baby Girl

$ 73.00

Crayon Rocks

8 Colors Crayons

$ 7.00

Jörg Mϋhle

Tickle my Ears, En

$ 10.00


Wall Sticker, Circus

$ 13.00

A. Remise · M. Cabanas

Mes Petits Jouets, Fr

$ 19.00

Five Eleven

Cloud Mini Cushion

$ 30.00

Friendly Toys

Push Toy Duck

$ 43.00

Bloomingville MINI

Soft Baked Bread Set

$ 63.00

Bloomingville MINI

Driss Musical Instrument

$ 52.00


Magnetic Maze, Forest

$ 21.00


Sunglasses, Chocolate

$ 40.00

Ingela P Arrhenius

L'Oeuf, Fr

$ 16.00

Ingela P Arrhenius

Le Miel, Fr

$ 16.00