Ages 3 · 4

We created this gifts guide to make your choice easier. The border between ages is not always very clear and every child grows at his own pace. At Merci Bisous, our goal is to select a handpicked selection of sustainable toys that will last well beyond babyhood and with cool design, to better satisfy both children and parents. 

This is the age of imagination: drawing, more puzzles, doll house and more books.
The storyteller is perfect to start at this age. They will be able to be active in the story they will create and they will gain lots of vocabulary.

Moulin Roty

Magnetic Alphabet

$ 24.00

Dough Parlour

Playdough Pack of 3

$ 22.00

Crayon Rocks

8 Colors Crayons

$ 7.00

Nailmatic Kids

Lip Gloss, Peach

$ 11.00


Crown - Pink

$ 16.00

Kalid Medieval

Robin Hood Costume

$ 30.00

Bloomingville MINI

Mini Tea Set

$ 42.00

Bloomingville MINI

Soft Baked Bread Set

$ 63.00

Bloomingville MINI

Daisy Make-up Set

$ 54.00

Bloomingville MINI

Driss Musical Instrument

$ 52.00


Magnetic Maze, Forest

$ 21.00

kiko+ & gg*

Hamburger & Fries Musical Set

$ 22.00

Egmont Toys

Floor Puzzle Dogs 40 pcs

$ 20.00

Egmont Toys

Magnetic Game Farm

$ 24.00

Egmont Toys

Cupcake Set with a Recipe

$ 20.00