Lunii My Fabulous Storyteller

Lunii was invented by four French friends : Maëlle, Igor, Eric and Thomas. The objective is to foster children’s imagination and develop their vocabulary, screenless and wireless.

Together, they created My Fabulous Storyteller, a fun and interactive device designed for children between 3 and 8 years-old and allowing them to create their own audio stories. They can choose a hero, a setting, a second character and or an object. Then the adventure begins.

The storyteller is available at Merci Bisous in English. It comes with 48 original stories and then you will have access to the online publishing house, Luniistore, with many more stories to download and available in eight languages (FR, EN, US, IT, ES, RU, DE, NL).

In short, to use at home or on the road, My Fabulous Storyteller allows your child to:

  • Choose between different elements at the beginning of each story
  • Listen alone or with friends
  • Stimulate his or her imagination
  • Encourage inadvertent learning and enriches vocabulary
  • Develop his or her powers of attention and concentration

How it works?

With Lunii, awaken your imagination:

New! Download My Lunii Studio App and share your stories with the ones you love, wherever they are with their Lunii Storyteller.