The Cool Parents' guide to New York - Printed connected map

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 How to not only survive, but enjoy the Big Apple with a baby!

Traveling with a baby, or just wandering around your own city with a baby can be quite an adventure... And if New York City is said to never sleep, you can imagine that it’s hardly ever a quiet place to explore. This energy is what makes this city so fascinating to the world, but there is another version of New York: a slower, quieter, one that’s just as cool, but more baby-friendly. Don’t get us wrong, we don’t intend to take you to all the playgrounds of New York ! We’ve partnered with one of the coolest mammas in the city, instagramer and photographer Kat Houe Maric, to create this guide that involves photogenic cafes and restaurants, cute independent shops, a bit of sightseeing and even happy hour.

The guide comes in a beautiful printed map that’s also a large-size photograph that you can frame as a souvenir back home. On the map cover, a QR code connects to the full digital guide containing 17 unique spots with pictures and text.

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